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"There's tremendous opportunity. Any business would be profitable here. The demographics are perfect. Everyone has a different customer but the people that are here the ages range everywhere."

Vera Taylor
Director of Stores, South Moon Under

The proof is in the numbers. Philadelphia boasts an impressive array of statistics that paint the picture of a very savvy, sophisticated and affluent customer base.

Whether you need to gauge retail demand, better understand the characteristics of Center City's retail market, or need information on residents, visitors, or employees, we've got your numbers. Below is an overview of the data important to retailers. Please visit the other demographics pages for more detailed information.

The Center City District/Central Philadelphia Development Corporation produces reports on the state of retail, employment, residential, outdoor cafes, and other aspects of Center City to provide a comprehensive and current picture of Center City and its surrounding areas. Visit the Reports page to  download copies of current reports.

If you do not see the data you require online, our research team can also provide additional data, customized analysis, and data consulting. Data that is already available may be provided at no cost, while custom analysis and reports based on your unique needs can be developed for a fee. For additional information, contact the retail liason at retail@centercityphila.org.

Residents Center City Core – 61,896
Greater Center City – 178,316
Households 88,392
Average Age 33.9 years
Educational Attainment 75% of residents have a Bachelor degree or higher
43% of residents have an advanced degree
Average Household Income Center City Core - $105,007
Greater Center City - $82,452
Aggregate Income Greater Center City - $7.2 billion

Source: US Census, CCD

Office Square Feet 40.7 million
Private Sector Employees 227,136
Total Employees 271,703

Source: US Census, CCD

Hotel rooms 11,326
Domestic visitors to Philadelphia region (2010) 37.4 million
Overseas visitors to Philadelphia region (2010) 595,000
Domestic traveler spending in the Philadelphia region (2010) $4.9 billion

Source: PKF Consulting, Tourism Economics/Longwoods International, GPTMC, PCVB, Department of Commerce, Office or Travel and Tourism Industries, 2010

Number of Institutions of Higher Learning 11
Enrollment of Students in Center City 32,000
Students Adjacent to Center City 88,601

Source: CCD

Retail Stores (Vine St. to South St.) 3,217
Restaurants & Food-Related Businesses (Vine St. to South St.) 967
Fine Dining Establishments (Vine St. to South St.) 305
Apparel Stores (Vine St. to South St.) 270
Total Retail Spaces (Vine St. to South St.) 3,257
Dollars of retail demand within 1 mile of City Hall $793,164,817

Source: CCD

For residential demographic numbers, Greater Center City is defined as the 8-zip code area including 19102, 19103, 19106, 19107, 19123, 19130, 19146, and 19147. Center City Core is defined as the 4-zip code area including 19102, 19103, 19106, and 19107. Extended Center City is defined as the 4-zip code area including 19147, 19148, 19123, and 19130.