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philadelphia retail marketing alliance

One of Philadelphia's core strengths is its compact, diverse, and walkable downtown. But the Center City experience for workers, residents and visitors could be significantly enhanced by expanding the quality and quantity of its retail offering. Philadelphia has made significant retail and restaurant progress since the early 1990s: the Center City District (CCD) maintenance and improvement efforts of the CCD, the opening of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the flourishing of the Avenue of the Arts, the addition of more hotel rooms, marketing by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau and the CCD, and a dramatic increase in the number of downtown residents, supplementing the strong workforce for downtown retail. But in all cases, retail improvements have been the by-product of other initiatives, not the result of a planned strategy. While restaurants and cafes are flourishing and many one-of-kind shops are animating blocks that were devoid of life a decade ago, there are still significant gaps in downtown's retail mix. These gaps cause the city to lose market share to the suburbs and other cities. To fill the void, provide a first-class street-level experience, and reinforce the growth of other sectors, Philadelphia would benefit from a strategic, well-funded plan to attract new retailers and tell the "New Philadelphia story" to retail developers and investors, retail site selection professionals, and regional customers.

The PRMA, formed in 2008, is comprised of representatives from Center City District, the City of Philadelphia Commerce Department, the Office of the City Representative, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation.

To enhance the quality and quantity of Center City's retail offering and to tell the "New Philadelphia story."

To build a strong, public-private retail attraction program that enhances the quality and mix of retail and entertainment offerings in Center City Philadelphia by:
  1. Identifying specific types of retail stores most likely to be favored by Center City residents, visitors and office workers; and
  2. identifying retailers currently looking to expand who will help Philadelphia achieve its development objectives and who have the greatest likelihood of success.

  • To coordinate the marketing efforts of several major stakeholders with an interest in the vitality of Center City, including the City of Philadelphia, the Center City District, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation.
  • To communicate the new market realities and improved customer base for Center City retail
  • To support a coordinated effort to attract new retailers to Center City
  • To increase regional market share for Center City retailers, increase revenues for downtown retailers, expand employment opportunities in the retail industry and increase tax revenues for the City of Philadelphia.
  • To insure that the new retail story will be told and supported by other regional marketing efforts.